People have been using basil in a variety of ways for centuries from its use in the culinary arts to use in candles to aiding in home remedies for minor ailments.

Benefits Of Basil

Basil is a beautiful plant to have in any garden. It is a must-have in herb gardens and one of the anchor plantings to consider. It is easier than most plants to grow, as well. With basil, even a novice gardener can feel like a professional.

It is most thought of in Italian cooking and the main attraction in a host of its recipes. It is handy to have around for infusing drinks, oils, and rubs of many kinds. Medicinally, basil can also aid in relieving a variety of minor problems.

Brings good luck to gamblers

Basil is also believed to bring good luck to gamblers and investors. It is a common ingredient in potions that are designed to bring luck and prosperity.  It is also believed that growing the plant in your home can bring luck.  It is very common that Asian casino gamblers drink a Basil tea before they go to the casino.  They believe this and other routines can increase their chance of winning money in the casino.

We are not convinced that basil can bring good fortunes, but if you enjoy gambling it can be worth keeping a plant on the window sill just in case.  Worst case scenario you will have fresh basil to use in your cooking. If basil tea really brings you luck then you might win the big jackpot the next time you log in to Grosvenor Casino (my preferred casino) or whichever online casino you prefer to gamble in.

Personally I believe that knowing the rules and optimal casino strategy is more likely to increase your luck than basil is.  Learn as much as possible about casinos to optimizes your chances to win money.

How to Grow Basil

Growing basil is relatively simple. Most plants are fussy, but not this one. It can be grown from a seed or planted from a seedling. Sow the seeds not too deeply in potting soil or the ground in a protected area, especially if you have chickens. They love the herb and will devour if it is left unprotected.

Fence off the garden bed area and make sure that your plants have lots of sunshine, as basil loves warmth. If container gardening, make sure that the pots are placed in a well-lit area. The ideal mixture is sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon.

When harvest time comes, pick the fresh leaves from the top of the plant down to the bottom encouraging a fuller plant with more blossoms. And finally, the blossoms should be picked and discarded unless you would like to save the seeds for the next planting season.

Uses for Basil

Besides being a beautiful plant in gardening, basil can offer a host of benefits. Medicinally, it can be used in treating numerous conditions from headaches to insect bites to digestive problems and even relieving nausea.

A pesto recipe of any kind is probably the most popular way most people use and include basil in their cooking, but it is also a great ingredient to use to infuse oils and alcohol, butter, salts and soups, and sauces. If basil’s essential oils are extracted, they can help in aiding with stress reduction, nausea, and uneven skin tone.

There is no question basil is a fabulous leaf to lavish onto pizza, pasta, and pesto. But don’t forget to experiment with its lesser-known uses to add to your repertoire of home remedies. The next time you have an upset tummy, relief is just sitting in your basil patch. And if you must, give some to the chickens.