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We hope you enjoy the information on the following sites.  If one of these links is broken, or no longer valid, please let me know.These are links which I use often and I hope you find them useful.

http://www.henleymountainberryfarm.com This Henley Mountain blueberry farm is on our road, in fact you will pass them on your way here. Be sure to add some time for your visit so you can stop by, in season, and pick some of these wonderful Blueberries. Honey and cookbooks as well as seasonal vegetables are available.
They are presently closed for the season but check their Facebook page to see when the berries are ripe.

http://www.flyingflowersva.com This is our new butterfly exhibit site. Lots of info which will be updated regularly.

http://butterflynature.com/ This site is the home site for the authors of the Life Cycle of Butterflies, which in my opinion is one of the best butterfly books available. This brother/sister couple have created several additional books and are a wonderful resource for anything butterflies and insects in general.

The site has lots of information, amazing  pictures and you can shedule them to come to your school. By the way we carry the book at the farm....

http://www.herbsociety.org The Herb Society of America is a good resource for herb lovers.

http://beagleridgeherbs.blogspot.com/ check us out.

http://www.childrenandnature.org/ The Children and Nature Network- building a movement to reconnect children and nature.